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Are you a reseller of boxes and use WooshBuild?

WooshBuild has more and more users month on month which is great for the end user but not good for the WooshBuild server costs.

If you make money from selling boxes and pre-install WooshBuild, please consider helping us support the server costs.


Thank you to all those who have already.




The WooshBuild website has been marked as unsafe by some ISPs and we don't know how long it will be until they clear this error. In order to flash your box, please disable any safe internet browsing settings in your ISP account.

Image 1 Technical Support via TechKings.org

Anyone can use WooshBuild and everyone can get support. www.techkings.org is where WooshBuild lives and has a dedicated support thread

Image 3 Live Chat - Online Support This is coming soon