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The WooshBuild Server Fund

WooshBuild has always been free and will always remain free. We don't ask for sponsorship, payment or request money so we can buy sateliite boxes. We have either bought our own boxes or they have been donated by individual people who want WooshBuild on them and then have the ability to have it updated with all the other boxes as we do the work for them.

The WooshBuild server is a dedicated server which gives us the freedom to add, remove and host everything we need for WooshBuild. Everything WooshBuild does relies on this server.
  • New WooshBuild version checks
  • Plugins
  • Re-Flashing / Flashing updates
  • Skins / Skin updates
  • Picon sets

The list goes on. It also comes at a price. Please click the How to support WooshBuild button now at the top of each page for details on how you can donate and support WooshBuild.



The WooshBuild website has been marked as unsafe by some ISPs and we don't know how long it will be until they clear this error. In order to flash your box, please disable any safe internet browsing settings in your ISP account.

Image 1 Technical Support via TechKings.org

Anyone can use WooshBuild and everyone can get support. www.techkings.org is where WooshBuild lives and has a dedicated support thread

Image 3 Live Chat - Online Support This is coming soon